Signature Real Estate Media Home Prep Sheet

Less is best for real estate pictures. Here are some great tips to prep your house for the market!

These are the items we move in every house! Doing so lets us show off your house and its full potential without distractions. We don't want to give people a reason not to come to see it. All the things you'll do to prep for photos are also great for showings!

What to Do Days Before Your Shoot


  • Working Light Bulbs (Matching color temperatures)
  • Mow Yard (1 day before if possible)
  • Clean Windows (Small water spots are fine. You want to clean the large, noticeable streaks)
  • Remove Hose(s)
  • Remove Flags (Blurry flags are a distraction to viewers)
  • Remove Grill Covers
  • Hide Trash Containers
  • Hide Pet Accessories (Bowls, toys, leashes, etc.)
  • Scoop the Poop! (The camera sees all!)


  • Working Light Bulbs (Matching color temperatures) (Ceilings, lamps, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Dust Ceiling Fans (They will be turned off during the shoot)
  • Clear the Kitchen! (Buyers want to see your countertops, not your stuff!)
  • Add a Decorative Bowl of Lemons! (A big bowl of bright, fresh, or fake lemons is a simple way to add some color and a feeling of freshness to the kitchen)
  • Hide All Trash Cans (Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.)
  • Hide All Mats (Kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Hide Pet Accessories (Bowls, food, treats, toys, leashes, etc.)
  • Hide Personal Items (Jewelry, electronics, documents, etc.) (Family photos are at your discretion)
  • Hide Bathroom Products (Toothbrush, hair accessories, soaps, shampoo bottles, plunger, etc.)
  • Hide Non-Decorative Bathroom Towels
  • Organize the Master Closet! (We don't shoot every closet, but if you have a nice master closet, we will!)

What to Do on the Day Of

  • Please have medium and large dogs crated or out of the house. We want to ensure 100% safety for all of our employees!
  • Double Check Prep Sheet
  • Turn On All Lights! (Exterior, interior, lamps, etc.)
  • Turn Off All Fans
  • Lift All Blinds and Open all Curtains